In the 1995 film "Hackers," the Gibson is a supercomputer that serves as a significant plot point. The Gibson is portrayed as one of the most powerful computers in existence within the movie's universe. It belongs to the Ellingson Mineral Company, a fictional major corporation in the film.

Throughout the movie, the Gibson is targeted by hackers for its immense processing capabilities and the valuable data it contains. The supercomputer is designed to be impenetrable, but the protagonists, a group of young hackers, aim to break into it to expose a nefarious plot by one of the company's insiders.

The Gibson, while technologically fantastical in its portrayal, is symbolic of the broader themes in the film regarding the struggle between powerful entities and subversive hacker cultures. The term "Gibson" as used in the film is fictional and not reflective of any real-world computer system or technology from the time. The film aimed to tap into the emerging cyberpunk and hacker aesthetics of the mid-90s, and the Gibson is a central element in that representation.

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